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Customer Connected. Dealer Driven.

We’re Sincro.

We’re here to help you harness the power of your customer interactions and unleash your dealership.—so you can sell more cars, retain more customers and increase profits.

Why Sincro?

We are a technology company at our core.

We balance the art of relationships with the science of behaviors. We have unparalleled access to the most robust sources of data on consumer shopping behavior in the auto industry. We use this robust information to constantly improve our products and carefully design them to work together so you receive the best digital experience. We offer Digital Marketing Solutions to help you attract the right customers, drive sales and retention and deliver personalized, branded experiences. Make sure you remain relevant with tailored, innovative solutions designed to help you continue to play a central part in the sales process as customers shift their purchasing habits. Provide Personalization with advertising that works with our websites to deliver targeted messages – personalized experiences – that connect shoppers with your vehicles. Develop and deliver simple, integrated solutions that drive customer satisfaction to improve dealer profitability and efficiency.

Only Sincro can:

Turn your website into your best salesperson.

Completely change your website design in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

Deliver targeted messaging for new, used and certified vehicles and the service department that keeps customers on your site longer, delivering more vehicle views, hero clicks and repeat visitors to your showroom.

Give you tools on your website that integrate with your Sincro DMS

Create a consumer experience that drives profit with quotes and payments that match the sales desk.

Use customer records to display actionable content on your website automatically targeted to your current owners to drive fixed ops sales and retention

Offer our level of customer service and technical support. We make it easy to keep your content up to date and keep your website selling for you.

Platform / Responsive Website

Sincro’s responsive website is developed on an automotive specific platform; built to be secure, structured for search, focused on site speed and continually evolving to support the retailer’s unique brand.

  • Sincro provides an SSL encrypted link between a web server and a browser ensuring your responsive website and data is secure.
  • The Sincro Partner Program gives you access to a growing list of secure applications created by third- party vendors that seamlessly integrate into your website and analytics allowing your website to continually evolve with new functionality. The Sincro Partner Program helps remove the need for unstable third party-code and unsecure plug-ins – while still providing all the functionality you require.
  • Built with SEO in mind, right off the shelf, Sincro’s platform is easily indexable and organized with structured data and built in schema – helping Google find and rank your most relevant content
  • In a mobile first world, we understand your customers don’t want to wait for a slow website, or your VDP to load. We make site speed a priority and regularly work with our partners at Google to review the latest updates, conduct tests, hold Hackathons, and review our platform site speed to ensure everything we do is optimized for speed.
  • Sincro is listening to your feedback. We have heard what our retailers and their customers are looking for in a website. Through retailer feedback and usability testing with in-market shoppers, we have released a variety of major enhancements over the past year and have many more in the works, aimed at giving you more customization and control over your brand – all while keeping you compliant.


Search engines are always changing their algorithms to provide consumers with better experiences. What worked today might not work tomorrow – so partner with a seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) experts who use industry-leading strategies and technology.

Without a single investment from your dealership, the Sincro platform is built to perform, and optimized for search engines, helping you be more visible in the search results. Sincro’s responsive website platform is built with structured data and schema which organizes your content and allows Google to crawl the sites better, and faster to pull information for the customized search results.

SEO Essentials: Upgrade your strategy with the Luxe Package

Improve the visibility of your website and get the right in-market buyers clicking to your key profit center pages. SEO Essentials with Sincro includes implementation of on-page optimization techniques that highlight your vital profit centers in organic search.

Included in the Luxe Package, SEO Essentials focuses on optimizing the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Optimization for Fixed operations
  • New model content on Vehicle Search Results pages.

Power SEO: Want customization? Ramp it up with customized plan designed to meet your business goals.

A true SEO strategy can’t be defined and distilled into a bunch of words that don’t make sense to the SEO novice. PowerSEO with Sincro focuses on pulling the correct levers required of a robust SEO strategy to develop and support a customized strategy based on your dealership and website goals.

Just a few of our levers:

  • Content Creation
  • Competitive Research
  • Domain and Link Analysis
  • Full Management: Google, Bing, & Yahoo! Listing
  • Link Building

Structured Data Markup across your website

Connected Store

Connected Store is eCommerce built specifically for auto retailers. It puts the modern online retailing tools that customers want right on your website — tools that provide transparency, build trust and enable you to start selling cars online.

Shoppers can browse by lease or finance payments on your website, build a complete and accurate quote online, send it to the retailer and then pick up the nearly complete buying process in your store. Your customer saves time and builds conviction in that vehicle and your business.

Merchandised Payments

Sincro Connected Store places lease and finance payments right on your website, so shoppers know the real-life lease or finance options they can get from your store.

Front Office Integration

After your shopper structures a deal in Sincro Connected Store, the information that they submit feeds directly into other Sincro solutions, such as Sincro Credit, Desking and CRM, as well as third-party CRM systems. Data flows between Sincro solutions quickly and seamlessly, which means that you don’t lose customer information along the way or need to log in to multiple platforms.

F&I and Accessories Module

Retailers can add F&I products and accessories to the Payment Builder section of Connected Store. Information includes product names, descriptions, photos and links to catalogs and videos.

Lot Merchandiser

Merchandise your inventory in minutes; upload, update, and syndicate your online inventory with Lot Merchandiser. Sincro’s mobile application lets you scan, merchandise and upload inventory while walking your lot. Personalize your listings with Photo overlays unique to your brand. Tracking the health of your online inventory with Lot Merchandiser’s syndication dashboard across the network of sites where you list inventory. Lot Merchandiser allows you to make changes on the fly and get them live ASAP.


Online shoppers expect personalization; you aren’t just compared with other car retailers, you are compared to sites like Amazon, eBay, and Groupon. If you aren’t speaking to the individual shopper, you are wasting their time. Sincro has seen more than a 5x improvement in VIN views per visit when the website responds to shopper interests with relevant information. Sincro captures shopper interest across,,, and more. With actual shopper preferences to the models they are interested in, or models that match Retailer inventory and cross shop behavior across millions of research interactions every month, Sincro not only reduces clicks to get shoppers looking at vehicles but also drives engagement to get them looking at more vehicles with every visitor. Make your dealership the shopper’s preference by remembering them every time they come back.

Shopper Account

A customized shopping experience across multiple devices – customers can access their saved vehicles, receive exclusive content and pricing from the dealer and save preferences across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Similar to online retailers, a Shopper Account allows for a consolidated shopper view, regardless of how many devices they use to engage with the retailer.

  • Shopper contact information - forms are pre-populated making it easier for the shopper to submit first name, last name and email address; and faster for you to receive leads.
  • Saved vehicles – when a shopper saves a car model, that preference is saved allowing the shopper to revisit their favorite cars and dealer’s gain deeper insights on shopper behavior.
  • Page view preferences are remembered and saved across devices for viewing in either grid or list view on the VSR.
  • Shopper Account - My Deals opens up the ability for you to save time and create efficiencies in the deal process for Retailers with Connected Store – allowing you to engage shoppers and negotiate deals from anywhere.
  • Shopper Account - Personalized Pricing you can enable this feature which can provide additional discounts/incentives on top of already advertised discounted prices

Lead Generation

Drive incremental leads with model specific offers to engage consumers who have expressed interest or drive continued interest with price watch leads.

Promo Pop – Dealer Driven

With Promo Pop, personalized consumer experiences will target promotions specific to the shopper’s model of interest.

Offers are defined by you, the Retailer, (i.e. cash on the hood, oil changes or car washes for life), and can be customized at the model level. The feature integrates with the retailers site so that promotions render even with pop-up blockers enabled.

Promo Pop – Always On

If Promo Pop – Dealer Driven is not enabled with a targeted promotion, Promo Pop – Always On will render based on the VIN viewed by the shopper.

Slide Studio – Dynamic Image Creator

Sincro Slide Studio is an easy to use website tool designed to make creating, editing and managing your hero slides faster and more efficient. With Slide Studio’s, Dynamic Image Creator, you can quickly go-to-market with highly curated content, customized to your unique brand.

  • Drag and Drop functionality makes adding new hero slides easier than ever. You can create, add, edit, and re-order images on your site’s hero with ease.
  • Start with National brand offer slides and personalize with your Retailer’s logo, adjust pricing, edit disclaimer text and links as appropriate – all without opening Photoshop.
  • Create and edit layers - Arrange the components of your slide. Swap out backgrounds, add custom logos, overlay text on images; edit with INFINITI compliant font, size, opacity and color.
  • Start with templates - Choose from a library of templates with pre-designed images and text or create your own commonly used templates for slide creation.

Integrated Incentives

Sincro is enhancing your customers’ experience and saving YOU time by offering fully automated integration of OEM incentive data. We will provide consistent and accurate incentive data for you and consumers to use throughout the vehicle sales process. Shoppers have more visibility to cash and financial incentives available at the VIN level to help them in making their buying decisions across all devices.

Retailer have the ability to create, manage and measure performance of custom inventory specials and coupons posted to their Sincro website and VDP pages to support new, certified, and preowned vehicles.

Video Merchandising with Inventory Pic-to-Vid

Choose the option of adding video merchandising in the Luxe Package. Inventory Pic-to-Vid showcases actual vehicle photos, applies a human voiceover and animated graphical overlays and creates a custom interactive ‘walk around’ video experience for each of the vehicles on your lot

Shopper Insight Tools

Every Retailer is its own brand, and serves a unique market. You can optimize your customers shopping behavior with your site. Sincro offers tools to help you understand how shoppers engage specifically with your site (where they click, how far they scroll, how they respond to a personalized experience, etc.), so you can optimize to drive them to engage with you further. You run your business specific to your brand and market, Sincro enables you to extend that control to your website based on what actual online shoppers do with your virtual showroom.