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Bridging The Gap From Their Living Room to Your Showroom

Our mission is to revolutionize the customer experience at the dealership, whether online or in-store by bridging the gap between the living room and your showroom. From online retailing to in-store app, our set of tools will empower your dealership to sell more cars without disrupting your existing sales process.

With TagRail, dealers get a single platform that integrates with any website provider and allows the shopper to either buy online or finish their deal at your showroom location without restarting their process. From customer insights to building custom email campaigns to desking a deal, our solution is designed to help you sell more cars, with minimal disruption to your existing process -- which translates to higher employee adoption.

Digital Retailing: Seamless, Custom Experience

The TagRailing shopping experience allows website visitors to complete as much as 90% of the transaction process online, including e-signature and e-contracting (where allowed/possible). Our online retailing solution is customized by you, the dealer, every step of the way, including deal structures, F&I products, accessories, rebates, and lead submission.

In-Store Purchasing

The Tagrail In-Store solution provides a digital way to replicate the methodologies used by most successful car dealerships and does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to best practices. With the Dealer Tag In-Store Platform, the salesperson will be at the customer’s side every step of the way and work interactively in closing the sale, increasing customer confidence and loyalty.

There’s An App For That: DealerTag

TagRail also offers a companion application, DealerTag to help the dealer provide a seamless customer experience from online to the showroom. With DealerTag, sales associates may look up existing deals and start the process where the customer left off. The app also allows tracking of walk-in customers with a guided sales process, desking with approval workflows, document procurement, test drive tracking, and full customer management.

Customer Journey Insights

TagRail captures user activity throughout the process, providing the dealer with accurate shopping behavior and visibility into the customer’s steps through the sales funnel. This data points to opportunities for continuous improvement and analysis while it pushes hot leads and order-pending opportunities to the dealership CRM. Mobile flexibility puts all deals on sales consultants smartphones and other mobile devices for easy lookup and modification.

More Conversions = More Sales

The TagRail Platform pulls its shoppers forward through the sales funnel, resulting in an average of 70% transaction completion rate (either in-store or online), compared to 30% on other types of online digital platforms.

In-Store Kiosk

The in-store kiosk provides an easy way to engage and identify new prospects among your service customers as they wait for their vehicles. Customers may compare vehicles, browse inventory, view photos, watch videos, and immediately push their information to a sales associate for more information.


Sales Associates may enter into digital negotiation with customers, request documents from customers and request signature or authorization. With the app, salespeople can pencil a new deal from scratch, access an existing deal, and send to management for workflow approval.

Integrated Analytics & Campaign Management

TagRail integrates with Google Analytics to empower you with the transparency and data to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts. Identify which campaigns drive the most conversions, top exit and entry points, all the way down to the VIN level. Initiate campaigns right from the customer management portal and create urgency for customers to complete their deal.

Sales Adoption & Learning Management

We also provide ongoing training via an LMS that may be customized by the dealer to deliver the most impactful content, based on that dealership personnel’s needs. New content is released several times a week, and may be assigned automatically or custom assignments of content may be done by Dealership management. Email alerts, reminders, completion notifications and certifications are all available via the LMS.