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Smart, Bold, Agile - Everything Digital Should Be.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Our dealer websites and companion services are conceived, built and monitored by real people. Our attention to detail and data means that we can push dealers to the top of organic search listings. Fox Dealer's websites are optimized for conversions. We help dealerships define and surpass their sales goals.

Our philosophy here at Fox Dealer is to manage the yield. We use data-driven facts to make decisions and recommendations for our clients. Automation does have value, but we still assign each of our clients a human representative to go over recommendations. We don't leave decisions to adjust digital channels up to automation alone.

Responsive, Mobile-First Platform

Mobile drives sales

That's why Fox takes a mobile-first approach to all of our sites. We offer fully responsive designs that maximize on-screen space. Our sites highlight your dealership's inventory and help maximize conversions from potential buyers to satisfied clients.

Fanatical Customer Service

Best in class by design

We know that stellar customer service is the key difference between being a vendor and being a partner. Our team’s mission is to provide you with the best in class service that you deserve. Your dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist with any need relating to sales, customer support, or campaign management. From our curated launch of your services to ongoing training, we’ve got you covered.

About Our Dealer Support Team

  • 25 Accounts per customer service manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Excellent dealer response - < 15 minutes
  • 90% of tickets are resolved in under 59 minutes
  • Aggressive SLA assignments
  • Multiple monthly contacts

SEO Audit & Set Up

Get Your Website on the Fast Track

Our SEO audit and set up will ensure your site is fully optimized for search engines. We will optimize all your VDP, SRP and info pages and redirect all previous pages to your new optimized pages on your Fox Dealer site in order to preserve your rankings. In addition, we will setup your Google Analytics to measure key metrics so you have a clear picture of how your site is performing.

Smart SRP (Search Results Page)

We Take Search from Basic to Conversion Worthy

Imagine a virtual salesperson who instantly shows shoppers the most relevant, appealing cars whenever they want and however they want. Shoppers stay on your site longer and browse more, which improves conversions. More conversions and more leads equal more sales.

i-VDP (Instant Vehicle Detail Page)

A Revolutionary new VDP

We’ve killed the outdated traditional Vehicle Detail Page and built a revolutionary i-VDP with Quick View Technology. Clicking on the SRP Page shows a “Quick View” of the car MUCH faster than loading a VDP page. With near instant load times, visitors can see the most cars possible per page. The more cars a visitor sees, the more likely they will be to contact your store.

Data Studio Reporting

Empowering Your Dealership with More Data than the Other Guys

Fox's Data Studio Reporting features real-time data powered by APIs. The studio is customizable for each client and allows dealers to determine the frequency of automated report notifications. Most providers provide top level metrics, utilizing a proprietary system. Our reporting relies on Google Analytics, as an impartial third party to provide you with the most transparent, real-time reporting possible.

Our reporting goes beyond top level metrics into website conversions by source, to provide you with cost pers and actionable insights you can use to run your business.

Our monthly reviews take a consultative approach where we review tangibles and may discuss next steps and optimizations.

Elite SEO

Maximize Your Rankings in Organic Search

Our SEO programs are based on industry best practices to maintain and grow your rankings with monthly link building and optimized SEO content to help you rank for high volume competitive keywords in cities you serve. Most SEO companies tell you that SEO results take anywhere from six months to a year. With Fox Dealer’s Elite SEO, based on our case studies, you’ll see ranking and traffic lift much sooner.

Design (+)

Your eyes will thank us

Fox Dealer offers Design (+) as a flat-rate design package to strengthen your website's wow factor. Our in-house design team works closely with each client to build a site that reflects brand identity and optimizes conversions. With Design (+), you keep all your digital marketing needs under one roof.