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The INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program (IRDMP) offers INFINITI Retailers greater choice and flexibility in certified provider offerings. INFINITI retailers can now take advantage of industry-leading digital solutions available at pre-negotiated prices. Retailers benefit from OEM-provider integrations as well as tagging for greater visibility into digital performance. All retailers will have access to new designs, benchmarking and provider scorecards. IRDMP also offers enhanced, platform agnostic, retailer support to help you achieve your digital goals.

With both the INFINITI Digital Marketing Consultant team in the field as well as a dedicated member of the INFINITI Technical Strategist (ITS) team as part of an agnostic virtual team, retailers can consult non-biased experts to ensure they are getting the most out of the IRDMP program. This program includes INFINITI-vetted and Certified Websites, Chat/SMS, E-Commerce Solutions and Reputation Management with additional tools and products coming soon. Once you enroll in an IRDMP product, your Certified Provider will facilitate the launch process with you along with the support of your INFINITI Technical Strategist. Once you have submitted your enrollment, your ITS will contact you to discuss the launch process and activation of your new tool.


The Retailer Website platform is the digital showroom and how most consumers will see their store for the first time. Keeping both the desktop and mobile experiences in mind, we have partnered with four best-in-class Website Providers, each offering their own unique features, with a choice that tailors a Retailer’s Website to what they need and differentiates their store from the competition.

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Digital Retailing technology serves as an online storefront that allows consumers the ability to facilitate the purchase process online. This is becoming increasingly important for retailers. The INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program has certified 5 of the industry’s top digital retailing solutions to bring an E-Commerce enabled luxury retail experience to your consumers.

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Digital Advertising

Generate more highly qualified website traffic by enrolling with one of seven Certified Digital Advertising Providers. Our Providers stay on the edge of innovation across a variety of channels while aligning with all Tiers to ensure efficient and effective media spend. Leveraging one of our Providers also gives you access to a consolidated analytics dashboard to streamline all your media reporting needs.

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Certified Chat Tools provide an innovative and user-friendly solution to help potential customers quickly and easily get the information and support they need to make an informed decision. This allows for the successful conversion of leads into sales and provides a better buying experience. Additionally, Chat can help a customer to find service and appointment information, store hours and general information 24/7. Through the IRDMP, Retailers have the choice of multiple packages through five industry leading Chat & SMS Providers.

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As an INFINITI retailer enrolled in the program, you will receive INFINITI Brand Website Leads ( and INFINITI Event leads directly to your CRM. Any by utilizing a Certified INFINITI Retailer website provider, your website leads will be delivered directly to your CRM system through our backend integrations. In addition, as part of the program your dealership is eligible to receive additional Third Party Leads.

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