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Your website is your virtual showroom. The ability to facilitate the purchase process online is becoming increasingly important for retailers. The INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program has certified three of the industry’s top digital retailing solutions to make it easy to start the car buying experience before even setting foot in the dealership.

Benefits include:

  • Discounted, Exclusive Retailer Pricing
  • Retailer Choice - Three vetted and certified INFINITI providers to choose from
  • Seamless Integrations with Existing INFINITI Solutions
    • IRDMP Websites
    • ICAR-X In-Store Tablet
    • Aftersales & Accessories
    • IESNA F&I products and services
    • Enterprise Lead Management
  • Direct Integration with INFINITI Financial Services
    • Ability to Display both Special and Standard Rates
    • Instant Financing through Dealertrack
  • Increased IDMC Monthly In-Store Support
    • Subject Matter Experts in certified solutions
    • 1:1 Retailer to Trainer Ratio
  • Tier 1 Messaging and Branding
    • Highlighted as INFINITI NOW E-Commerce Retailer on
    • Access to INFINITI E-Commerce branded content
    • Included in any future media/marketing strategies
  • Streamlined Analytics
    • Reporting within the INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard
  • RAP Compliance Approvals
    • Certified Digital Retail tools
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CarNow is taking the customer conversation way beyond chat with connected live-transactional focused solutions for every department to elevate sales, service and profitability. CarNow is the market leader in tailored digital solutions built to help dealers sell more cars.

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Gubagoo is the leading provider of conversational commerce solutions for automotive dealerships and OEMs. Dealerships use our powerful messaging and digital retailing solutions to activate the online car buying and servicing experience from their website or Facebook. Our retail specialists deliver a handheld, guided shopping experience through chat, text or live video, increasing buyer conversion rates.

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At Roadster, our mission is to make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved. We do it by offering omnichannel commerce solutions for today’s modern dealership, which deliver the same seamless and streamlined shopping experience as customers switch between your site and your store. Roadster dramatically improves dealership customer satisfaction scores, while significantly reducing sales costs. From inventory merchandising, to financing/leasing, incentives, trade-ins, service plans and accessories-Roadster delivers near penny perfect deals in a beautifully designed interface that customers and employees will love.

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TagRail, a subsidiary of Fox Dealer, provides the most cohesive omni channel shopping experience available in the automotive industry, combined with the premium customer service dealers should expect from their digital partners.

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